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The fight for your life: Youday!

Coach LaMonte shares why a line from “The Color Purple” keeps us in the fight for our lives.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Remember the movie The Color Purple? The character Sophia, played by Oprah Winfrey, said the line "all my life I've had to fight". I believe there is a Sophia that lives on the inside of all of us. That person who is willing to fight, not only to get the life they desire and deserve but a life where unlimited potential is released. 

It seems we all have faced battles. Some knocked us down – but the good thing is we didn't stay there. We got back up and kept swinging. When you discover the moment you win one battle it becomes a mental blueprint to how you can defeat anything in life that comes your way – this is when you win. 

We may not understand why at times life seems so hard, and why we have to face the toughest of challenges, but no one said life would be easy. We must remain steadfast, remain determined, and know that whatever we face we have already won. 

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