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My 2 Cents: Anxious about returning to 'normal'?

Eric Chilton talks about how to get back to normal without being anxious.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Well, here we go, folks. Restrictions are easing and little by little we're getting back to normal. Normal is a relative term isn't it because what was normal was turned upside down more than a year ago, now we're getting ready to go back right side up. It makes some people anxious. It may sound weird to some of you but returning to normal can be anxious for a lot of people. 

In fact, advisory.com had an article recently that said that nearly 50% of Americans feel some level of anxiety about a return to normal. You know when your perspective of normal is changed, especially for more than a year, it is a little bit anxious to go back. In fact, they've done studies with other virus outbreaks maybe not to this level but like in the case of Ebola. People who had agoraphobia, fear of leaving the home or obsessive-compulsive disorders, OCD, their problems did get slightly worse.

Isolation is not good for that but now we're getting ready to open things back up a little bit and it made me think. What grounds us? What grounds people on a primal level. On a base level.  Family, relationships, friends, love. It's all in your heart. You can take my normal and turn it any way you want. But what grounds us is in our hearts and no virus can touch that.

So what really matters to our heart and our soul.... never left. You can call all this out here normal or abnormal but what's inside us will be there forever and that's what we need to rely on as we go back to "normal".

 But that's just my two cents.