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New custom t-shirt store opens in Greensboro

Jenee Lynn-Judd opened her Pink Graffiti storefront after running her business from home for four years.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — There's a new custom t-shirt store open for business in Greensboro.

Pink Graffiti located at 9-D Dundas Circle held its grand opening Saturday, January 16.

Owner Jenne Lynn-Judd started her business four years ago. 

"I actually had a good friend of mine that made T-shirts and so I was like, 'Hey I got this idea I want to make some T-shirts can you do it for me?' And she was making my T-shirts for me. And it got to a place where she couldn't really keep up with my demand," Lynn-Judd said.

So Lynn-Judd decided to learn how to make custom t-shirts on her own and started selling them from her home. She decided to take a leap of faith and open a storefront.

"I've had confirmation for a while and this is just really been me afraid to go out there but it's long overdue," Lynn-Judd said.

At Pink Graffiti you can purchase t-shirts Lynn-Judd designed, bring your design to have her make it, or buy what you need to make the shirts on your own.

"When you come in you will see in the front area you will see like the shirts on display, the shirts that are for sale. You will see the vinyl, pre-cut vinyl," Lynn-Judd said.

But it doesn't stop with t-shirts, the vinyl she sells can also be used for other types of crafts.

"You can make glasses, coffee mugs, all kinds of things do-it-yourself projects. All kinds of things with vinyl," Lynn-Judd said.

Lynn-Judd said she plans to offer crafting classes in the near future to those who want to learn how to work with vinyl. 

And while she understands it's a tough time for businesses right now... Lynn-Judd said she has three things working for her.

"Faith, prayer, and support. You know people pushing me. You can do it you can do it. Honestly, I hadn't really even thought about the pandemic and businesses shutting down," Lynn-Judd said.

You can follow Pink Graffiti on Instagram and Facebook.