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Dr. Sandra Hughes headlines the inaugural North Carolina A&T Journalism Hall of Fame

The inaugural award ceremony is Friday, October 27th. WFMY News 2 alum Sandra Hughes is one of the seven inductees.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Greatest Homecoming on Earth (GHOE) is all about fun, fellowship, and inspiring the next generation of Aggies. The countless events on and around campus were created to celebrate the history of North Carolina A&T State University, and the many great people that have called 1601 Market Street home. 

This year, here's a new event making its debut this year. Friday, October 28th, the Journalism and Mass Communications Department at North Carolina A&T will be holding its inaugural Hall of Fame induction ceremony. 

The esteemed group of seven includes former WFMY News 2 Anchor Dr. Sandra Hughes, Dr. Tony Welborne, Mrs. Gail Wiggins, Mrs. Nagatha Tonkins, Ms. Bonnie Newman-Davis, Dr. Linda Calahan, and Ms. D. Cherie Lofton (posthumously). Today we were able to chat with two of these legends, before Friday's big ceremony.

"A&T gave me the opportunity to try this and try that, whether that be speech, English, and drama, it was so great. I truly enjoyed every minute of it" is how Dr. Sandra Hughes described her time at A&T. 

Dr. Hughes' list of accomplishments and accolades could take days to list off, but she says, being a part of the first-ever class inducted into the A&T journalism hall of fame.

"It's so special, I can't tell you. When I got the call about this, I was like WHAT?! Really? I've never even heard of this before."

A second member of this esteemed class of journalists includes Dr. Tony Welborne, who's been affiliated with the university for almost 60 years.

"Well, I like being first, I think most people like being the first of anything, and hopefully this is something that will continue forever. To be able to look back it'll be pretty cool to say Tony you were a part of that" is how Dr. Welborne described being included in the inaugural hall of fame class.

As a student in the late 1960's a young Tony Welborne and his classmates built the city's newest radio station right on the campus of North Carolina A&T. Fast forward to 2022. He's now in the A&T Journalism Hall of Fame. However, if you ask Dr. Welborne, he'll tell you he's most proud of the company he will forever be able to keep.

"That's the best part. Being a part of the first program. But knowing I'm with people like Sandra, and Gail Wiggins. These are people I've worked with for years. So, it feels good to be included in that group."


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