GREENSBORO, N.C. — A triad group says they're concerned about ICE raids in our area. They claim more than 30 people in the triad were detained just last week.

ICE held a news conference in Charlotte on Friday. They say they detained 200 people across North Carolina within the week. 

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They say 50 of them were convicted criminals, and 40 of them had pending criminal charges.

Now some triad organizations say they're concerned for the safety of immigrant families.

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"They're in cars that are tinted," says Natalie Cholula of Greensboro, "Nobody can see inside them. The main goal was just to keep our community safe."

ICE says they don't track arrest numbers specific to the triad.

During Friday's press conference, they said raids could start happening more often.

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"I would say the new normal is you will see more visible ICE presence out in the communities," said Sean Gallagher, an ICE Field Office Director, "I don't care whether you support ICE's mission or not, there is nobody who wants to live next to a sex offender, a gang member or a violent felon."

Many people at Monday's press conference say ICE detainees from the triad are being held in Alamance County. The sheriff's office there says they don't currently have a contract with ICE, and they can't comment on the recent raids.