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ABSS senior pranks taken too far, ABSS students describe school destruction

ABSS seniors at several high schools across the district destroyed classrooms and bathrooms Thursday night. The destruction interrupted learning and cost thousands.

BURLINGTON, N.C. — Parents and students worry destructive senior pranks across the Alamance -Burlington School System may have ruined harmless class pranks for years to come. 

Janiyah Neal says it was a senior prank at Williams High School that went too far. 

"They had glitter, tissues, trash cans knocked over. Then you go inside, cement all over the bathroom toilets in the boy's bathroom," she exclaimed. 

ABSS says concrete was poured into school toilets and urinals. School officials say that the incident alone will cost more than $4,000 to repair. 

Clay Thomas is a sophomore there. "There should be a very clear line and I feel like this definitely got crossed," said Thomas. 

Not only will the destruction take money away from other school projects, but it also disrupted learning. 

"The bathrooms have been closed all day, we haven't really been able to do anything," Thomas recalled. 

The school system says maintenance workers are also cleaning up overturned desks, eggs, trash, and more. 

"They had baby oil on the steps too and I was like really being careful going up those, it was so crazy," said Neal.

Perry Hasankolli was picking his son up from school when he found out about the destruction. 

He says he is disappointed. 

"You pay taxes, I pay taxes, this is all going to come out and the school budget is already tight. So, it's really a shame."

Hasankolli remembers traditional senior pranks involving strings of toilet paper thrown through trees and school grounds. 

"You might see some soap on the windows or they go in and take some teachers pens and stuff, but nothing to cause serious damage like this," Hasankolli recalled. 

Now both parents and students worry the innocent fun will be ruined for the next class. 

"They're probably going to tell the school like no senior prank this year because they messed up last year. So, they're really messing it up for the next year seniors," predicted Neal. 

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