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'Now we have to make decisions' | Business owners split on latest mask guidance for vaccinated people

Some businesses are masking up again, others aren't making any changes to their policy, but some are split on whether to require masks or not.
Credit: WFMY News 2

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Business owners are split when it comes to how to handle the new mask guidance handed down by the CDC this week.

On Tuesday the CDC recommended vaccinated people wear masks indoors in hotspot areas.

A few days later, businesses started making decisions on whether to backtrack their policies or stay the same.

Some business owners, like Jennifer Graf, aren't sure how they'll move forward. 

"Now we have to make decisions that are going to upset some sector of our community," said Graf.

Graf said she will do what she feels is right. 

Over at Machete in Greensboro, owner Tal Blevins said they aren't making any changes right now, but will continue to monitor the situation. Blevins said all of their staff is fully vaccinated but they aren't requiring masks or proof of vaccination at the door. 

"It's too difficult to police without a governmental mandate, and the government hasn't given any clear direction or guidelines," he said. 

For Pastor Amos Quick, not much has had to change.

"For the most part we are still in what we call the online church," said Quick.

Quick said because of the age and health status of many of the people that go to Calvary Baptist Church, they've stayed with virtual services through much of the pandemic. 

Graf says she feels a lot of uncertainty on the road ahead.

"I have felt like the pendulum was swinging the other way but now we're in a situation where COVID numbers are going up again so I don't know how that's going to impact my business," she said. 

Lowe's Foods will require employees to wear masks, and ask guests to do so as well.

Walmart said it will require employees to wear masks, even if they're vaccinated, and encourage guests to do so in hotspot areas. 

There are currently no widespread mask mandates in place at a state or local level, but leaders have said if metrics get worse and more needs to be done, they'll do it.