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Peace of Hope foundation provides life-changing assistance

The Peace of Hope Foundation connects mental health professionals and members of our community in need of assistance.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — One local organization you might not be familiar with has been around for close to a decade helping our community in various ways. 

From budgeting and other essential life skills to mental health awareness and advocacy.

Tiffany Fox is the Executive Director of the Peace of Hope foundation, she and her organization are providing life changing help to some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

"Our total mission is mental health and to instill hope. mental health is important for a lot of different reasons. Mental health encompasses everything and so if we don't promote our mental wellness and our mental health then everything else falls apart. "

Peace of Hope foundation has been connecting mental health professionals and members of our community, who without Peace of Hope, wouldn't be able to get the proper assistance needed.

With help from federally funded grants as well as donations from the community.

In 2020 once the pandemic hit, this group took one of its most popular programs, and put it on wheels. 

"Another program that we have is our mobile food  pantry. Our mobile food pantry has always been around, but it was only available to our members. So when the pandemic hit last march we decided to shift and open that up to the community because we realize there's a gap. There's a food desert in Guilford County, well a couple of different food deserts. So we wanted to provide contactless delivery, with more healthy foods."

If you or any one you know need help finding a doctor, a mental health professional, need access to the mobile food pantry, would like to enroll in any of the life skill programs, or volunteer your time to the Peace of Hope Foundation, links to their contact information have been attached. 

Facebook, Instagram, website, by phone at 336-327-8010 or email them at peaceofhopefoundationinc@gmail.com.

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