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NC DMV property tax bill is wrong. How many others are like that?

A Triad man noticed he was being overbilled for his car tax renewal. The taxes were assessed for a town he doesn't live in.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Lately, anytime we've been talking about your car, it's been about the price of gas. Let's talk property taxes on your car and how you might be paying more than you should be.

A Triad man got his renewal and property tax notice from the NC DMV for one of his three cars. It showed he should be paying $175.

The problem is, the bill ties his car to Forsyth County and Winston-Salem, but his address shows he's in Forsyth County and in the Bethania town limits. The tax rates are different and he was being overbilled by $40.

“Several residents in the town of Bethania have been paying taxes to the wrong city, resulting in them being overtaxed, but the biggest problem is Bethania was not getting our tax money and the fire department was not receiving credit as well,” said Donald Breault.

When you look at the NC DMV notice, it clearly shows his address in Bethania and that he is being taxed to a Winston-Salem rate. He made the notation that this is not correct and when he talked to 2WTK by Zoom, he told me he tried to get it corrected.

“I wrote to the commissioner of motor vehicles, no response. So, then I wrote to Governor Roy Cooper, no response. I contacted my state representative, he couldn’t do anything. I just didn't know what to do, and here I am with round two of registrations coming up. Someone told me, it’s News 2 for you. They can probably help and you did,” said Breault.

2 Wants To Know contacted the Forsyth County Tax Department. Workers found it was a mistake and corrected all three of his vehicles' tax calculations, which by his numbers, saved him $182 and gave the town of Bethania the tax money they deserved.


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