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'My $32 find at a thrift store turned into at least $32,000': How to know if you have a treasure

Plus, the 3 items you should never buy at a yard sale or second-hand.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Yard sales are the way you can make a little money off the stuff you no longer want and others find a treasure for a deal.

In fact, the well-known 301 Endless Yard Sale in North Carolina is back this year on June 18 -19, 2021.  It’s 100 miles on Highway 301 from Weldon, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Selma, and Dunn. Anything and everything will be there.


Bicycle Helmets. Yes, the kids grow out of them fast and it may not look scratched up, but helmets are made to withstand only one crash. After that, the inside cushioning is not as protective.

Car Seats or Cribs. Between the changing safety guidelines and recalls-- there is no guarantee what you're buying is safe. Just like bike helmets,  car seats are compromised with one crash


“First of all, I've been shopping for a long time and I could not believe that I finally found a piece that was worth some money,” said Laconda Davies.

She bought a bag of jewelry for $32, most of it was nice fashion necklaces. One of the necklaces was different, so she got it appraised.
Come to find out, it was made by celebrity designer Donna Vock.

"I'm getting a fourth appraisal! I'm hoping that they can go and do the research because the $33,000  was without knowing it was Donna Vock. Now I want them to really look and see what it's really worth,” said Davies.

Consumer Reports recommends these steps if you got something that you think should be appraised:

Go online and search for your item. You may be able to see if the markings lead you to any other postings.

Appraisals can cost big bucks so start small.  Use websites like Value My Stuff or Worthpoint.  You upload a picture of your item and they appraise it for about $30.

Then, if you find it worth it, you can go to an accredited appraiser and figure out how to sell it from there.


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