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Letting your pet stick his head out of the window is a big no-no | Here's why: 2 Wants to Know

A Triad veterinarian explains the best ways to make sure our pets are safe and healthy

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We love our furry friends. 

They're members of our families and we want them to feel loved and live long lives. 

When something happens, it can be scary and our first reaction may be to rush to the vet. 

Dr. Kelley Gebhardt is a veterinarian at Happy Tails Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Greensboro to answer questions. 

Not So Fun in the Summer Sun – Hot Weather Safety Tips

1.    When to walk/exercise

2.    Dogs that are more sensitive to heat include pets that are: Brachycephalic breeds, puppies, elderly, overweight, those with thick coats, and pets with heart/lung disease.  Take extra care with these pets. 

3.    Remember to never leave your pets in the car.

4.    Remember that on hot summer days, the asphalt, wooden/Trex decks, and car seats that are exposed to the sun can be VERY hot and will burn your pet's feet. If it is too hot for your hand or foot, it is too hot for their feet!

5. Make sure to have fresh water available at all times for both indoor and outdoor pets. 

6. Avoid communal water bowls, puddles, etc. to avoid exposure to infectious diseases

6 Things Your Veterinarian Wish You Knew For Your Pet

1.    Vaccines are lifesaving-get them ASAP. Vaccines and wellness care cost much less than what it costs to treat the diseases they are preventing.

2.    Parasites (intestinal parasites, fleas, and heartworms) are a year-round threat. Remember to keep your pets on proper preventatives year-round.

3.    Pet health insurance or an emergency fund/emergency credit card is a must!

4.    Cats need vet care too (every year at minimum).

5.    Keeping pets at a healthy weight makes a HUGE difference in long-term health and longevity.

6. Remember to keep your pet's head inside the car when your windows are rolled down.

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