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This 'Mystery Shopper' mailer could scam you out of $4,000

A Triad woman got it and wondered if it was real. The big problem is the scammers stole the logo of a real company to fake you out.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — An Eden woman got a USPS Priority Mail envelope with a check for $4,770 and detailed instructions on how to be a mystery shopper. There are a company logo and everything on the letter, but this is a scam.  

How it works:

The letter tells you to deposit the $4,770 check and then deduct $770 dollars for your commission, mailing costs, and gas. The letter then instructs you to purchase money orders with the remaining $4,000 and mail them Next Day Air. Oh, and if you do it all in 24 hours, you get an extra $500.

Here's the thing, your bank will likely deposit this check but after a few days, they'll be asking you for the money, and telling you it ended up being fake and you're on the hook for all of it. Don't just take my word for it.
Market Force, the scammers used their logo on the letter warns about mystery shopping scams on their website, and point to MSPA Americas to learn about real mystery shopping.

The Market Force site also says scammers are using the logo, pretending to be employees, and taking text from the website.

Credit: WFMY