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Your job's health insurance could either cost you more or save you money depending on your vaccination status

Vaccinated workers could get a discount, much like the "wellness incentives" in years past.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You may not have heard anything from your employer about being required to get the COVID-19 vaccine yet, but chances are your employer will either reward you or charge you when it comes time to enroll in your work health insurance program this fall.

“It's kind of comparing it to a wellness program so if you get your physical, stop smoking, lose weight, your employer offers you a discount for those things on your premiums. So, we're seeing larger corporations say, we're not going to mandate this, but we will get you an incentive to help you along,” said Morgan Campbell from Alliance Insurance Services.

She said don't be surprised if corporations start adding $20 to $50 a month to unvaccinated employees on their healthcare premiums.

“We know there are corporations that are retooling and reworking their employee handbooks and policies and getting with their lawyers to implement these changes in health care for this fall,” said Campbell.

2 Wants To Know has been asked many times if health insurance companies will look at anyone who had COVID as now having a pre-existing condition. The Affordable Care Act terminated pre-existing conditions when it comes to health insurance, but, that doesn't mean having had COVID  won't cost you on other insurance policies.

“It could become pre-existing condition if you had a tough time with it and it comes to a life insurance policy or a short-term disability policy,” Campbell said.

Know this about your work health insurance, in most instances if your job offers insurance you can't forgo it and take a marketplace insurance plan. The only caveat is if your employer insurance is more than 9.8% of your salary.