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The COVID vaccine is free. The registration is free. You can't pay to get on a better waitlist.

There are numerous scams going around. Don't believe them.

“Ever since February, we stopped going out for anything,” says  87-year-old Janice Gach.

She may not go out for anything, but she is constantly online checking for her COVID vaccine appointment. When she got a call, she thought it was to confirm her appointment.

“Then he said, would you spell your name. I said you should have my name. I mean you're getting in touch with me about the vaccine. They're slick, you might give them your Social Security number or something. When someone calls you on the phone, be very suspicious and don't give out any information,” said Janice.

You know it's a fake COVID vaccine call, text, or email when they want you to pay a fee or give up your banking or Social Security information.
That's not how vaccine waiting lists or appointments work.

Unfortunately, vaccine scams are everywhere. In fact, the Digital Citizens Alliance just recently did their own investigation. The investigation found fake COVID vaccines being sold on Facebook and Facebook Messenger and by then by text.

Some of the fake vaccines were $175, but when folks paid the money the scammers didn't even ship the fake vaccine and requested more money for shipping.

No matter how convincing someone sounds:
There is no cost for the vaccine.
There is no cost to register for the vaccine.
There is no way for you to pay to get a better spot on the vaccine list.