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A driver shortage could mean a gas shortage in some places you travel to this summer

There's a delivery issue due to a truck driver shortage. Find out how that could affect your summer travels.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's about that time, summer vacation season means gas prices go up.
This year, the prices could go up or you could find a shortage in the product because of a trucker shortage.

During COVID-19 people didn't drive as much, the demand for gas deliveries decreased and drivers lost their jobs. Now things are picking up, but the driving force isn’t there.

“So, what we really need is more people coming in. We just only have so many drivers that are equipped and qualified. So, those drivers are working extra days. We're putting more and more demand on these guys,” Joe Keith with Pacific Tank Lines said.

The experts at Gas Buddy said you're probably not going to see gas stations in your neighborhood have supply problems, but you might while on vacation.

“There's plenty of gasoline produced, it's just a logistic issue. I would think that the not well-prepared areas that tourists will flock to this summer are Orlando, Florida, state parks, national parks, Las Vegas, tourist destinations are the most likely areas,” Patrick De Haan of Gas Buddy said.

He said here at home we're not expecting near-record prices, but you'll have to open up your wallet more than you did last summer.

If your summer travels take you out of state, you'll want to search Gas Buddy to see if the prices are higher or lower near the state line.

“Gas prices in every state vary, so when you cross the state line you may be leaving behind the cheaper gas or the cheaper gas may be ahead of you,” De Haan said.

By the way, the lowest gas prices in Greensboro at the start of this week is $2.37 and the average is $2.65. That's a big difference.