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"It's definitely not out of the question" | Carolina Classic fair organizers hope to host the Drive-thru as part of next year's fair

Winston-Salem's Carolina Classic Fair's alternative during the pandemic drew in more than 11,000 visitors

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The Carolina Classic Fair was unable to happen as it normally would this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Organizers found a way around, so families could enjoy all the best parts of the fair in a safe way, and even added some events they may normally not have happened as part of the fair. 

Organizers said the Drive-thru event was a bigger turn out than expected. The Drive-thru event brought in more than 11,400 people. 

Visitors purchased more than $160,000 worth of food, drinks and merchandise. 

The event event helped non-profits in the area. $2,175 in loose change was collected to help kick off the Salvation Army's holiday kettle campaign, and 6,475 pounds of canned food was donated to the Crisis Control Ministry food pantry. 

Officials say they want the drive-thru event to continue for years to come.

"Hopefully it's outside of the pandemic, and we can bring in our part time staff and operate it as part of the fair," said Robert Mulhearn, Winston-Salem Public Assemblies and Facilities Manager.