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Businesses hit the jackpot after the Danville Casino opened in May

The Danville Casino opened in May, businesses and city leaders say there has been an overwhelmingly positive response from people throughout the region.

DANVILLE, Va. — If you haven’t made the short drive up to Danville Virginia recently, you just might know someone who has.

After the Danville Casino opened a little more than 2 weeks ago, business has been booming.

It's a dream come true for a city once left in the shadows of a vanishing textile industry.

"I grew up here and I’ve lived here the book of my life, and I’ve never seen such exciting like we have right now," said Danville City Council Member Lee Vogler. 

For years, Danville has been the self-proclaimed Comeback city.

Council Member Lee Vogler says Caesars has been a huge part of the city’s recent growth, especially since they opening their temporary casino last month.

"I have had gas station owners tell me how much business is up for them I mean across the board it’s been a lot of activity, and while folks are here they’re finding out why Danville’s the comeback city all the way around," said Vogler. 

"A lot of people don’t know we are here, but that is changing," said Madison Eades, General Manager for The Bee Hotel.

The Bee is a boutique hotel that has only been open for a few years.

"We see guests from all over the world, traveling in for corporate, different industries in the area, but then we see a lot of these are guests too," said Eades. 

Restaurant owners are also benefitting.

The Schoolfield Restaurant is located right across from the casino.

Owner John Shutts says business has been so strong, that he’s expanded the restaurants hours.

"Eventually, I have a feeling by the end of the year I am probably going to be open lunch and dinner every day except for one day that I need for myself," said Shutts. 

Although the Caesars resort will have its own hotel and restaurants, nearby businesses say it will be a continued partnership with the casino, to keep business flowing into the city.

"I think our hotels locator to different individuals and we will both benefit from the casino coming. I think every player in the city will benefit from it," said Eades. 

"There’s always going to be a part of us to come back city because I think even now there are those who still not what we’re doing it, so we keep that chip on her shoulder because that’s what drives us to keep moving forward," said Vogler. 

The permanent Caesars resort is still under construction and remains on schedule to open late 2024. 

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