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Get ready to pay $189 to visit Disney World for one day

Disney World begins one-day one-park ticket prices that rise and fall with the demand.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Supply and demand. You know how it works, you pay more when the demand for something goes up.

For example, the week between Christmas and New Year’s. It's an expensive time of year, for ticketed events, travel, party supplies, and gas.

Add in the magic of Disney World and you've got yourself the highest price to visit a theme park, ever.

One-day one-park tickets for the Magic Kingdom will be $189 the week between Christmas and New Year’s. The normal ticket price is $159.

“That's the busiest week at the park, and so Magic Kingdom is in high demand, everyone wants to be there for the special events, the fireworks. It's like anything else, you don't like price increases, but you love the park and you want to be there on Christmas or through Christmas and New Year, and I think people will pay the prices,” said Becky Sheets, Cruiseplanners.com

Walt Disney World announced the new ticket pricing this week. The one-day one-park ticket prices go into effect on December 8, 2022. The prices can go up or down depending on demand.

  • Animal Kingdom: $109 - $159 (there is no increase)
  • Hollywood Studios: $124 – $179
  • Epcot: $114 - $179
  • Magic Kingdom: $124 - $189

This sliding scale will change, so expect ticket prices around holidays, spring break, and Easter week to go up. So, how can you get a break?

“The longer you stay, the cheaper your park tickets are. Once you get up to five days, the park tickets decrease in price so packages are the way to go,” said Sheets.


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