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Forsyth County Sheriff addresses 'Triad Abolition Project' press release calling for halts on arrest amongst other things

"When there are no more criminal acts being committed, we will cease to make arrests," Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr. said.

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — Forsyth County Sheriff, Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr., took to Facebook to respond to a press release from the Triad Abolition Project Saturday. 

According to the Sheriff, a release from the organization stated among other things that the Sheriff's Office does the following: 

1. Halt Arrests to prevent bringing new cases (of COVID-19) in and overcrowding the jail.

2. Release low-level offenders, the elderly, and people with health conditions.

3. End the contract with the deadly healthcare provider Wellpath

In response, Kimbrough Jr. said that while the Sheriff's Office would gladly engage in conversation on the issue, they also would like to encourage that before making demands and encouraging others, leaders and community members should do the following: 

1. Ensure that the demands they are making are lawful.

2. Ensure the demands being set forth are within the responsibility and authority of the Office of the Sheriff. 

3. Ensure that their demands are in the best interest of public safety for all residents of our County.

"We understand that at first glance, some demands appear to be not only feasible but speedily and easily achievable. However, each [of] the above-mentioned three tenants must be considered as they apply to every situation.

We are a law-abiding law-enforcement agency. We have done - and we will continue to do - what is moral, what is legal, and what is right.  When there are no more criminal acts being committed, we will cease to make arrests. We have an obligation and a commitment to serve and protect OUR community. We are the Office of the People," said Kimbrough Jr.