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Don't want to pay full price for college? Here's how you can do it

Money expert Ja'Net Adams shares how to start life after college debt-free.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — High school seniors will soon walk across the graduation stage in their cap and gowns and will start the next chapter in life.

For many, this would mean going to college, but higher education has a hefty price tag.

Money expert, Ja'Net Adams, has some tips to share with students to help them not pay full price for college.


First, she said FAFSA is a must.

Adams said every student that is going to college needs to fill out the FAFSA. Even if you think your parents or guardians make too much money, you still need to apply.

FAFSA determines how much money you are eligible for and how much you will need to borrow.


If you fill out FAFSA and find you still have to borrow money, you need to look for scholarships.

Looking for scholarships should be treated as a new part-time job for students. Adams said you should be applying for five scholarships a week.

If you don't know where to began, Adams suggests finaid.org.

It's also important to note that scholarships aren't just for incoming freshmen. Adams said you need to apply for scholarships as long as you're in college. 

"The goal is to leave college with the least amount of debt possible," Adams said.

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