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'We've been preparing for months' | Local pharmacies giving out Johnson and Johnson vaccine to those 18 and older.

Locally owned pharmacies are stepping in to help with the demand for the shot. They’re getting weekly shipments that allows them to vaccinate more than 100 a week.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Now that group 5 is open, more people will be looking to get a covid-19 vaccine.

We know there are several large clinics around the Triad, but there are other smaller spots to get a shot.

Friendly Pharmacy on Lawndale Drive is one of several drug stores granted weekly doses.

The weekly shipments they receive from the federal government allows them to vaccinate 100 people a week.

They’re vaccinating those 18 and older with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Pharmacist manager Rowdy Mize said they may get different versions of the vaccine in the future.

“The preparation leading up to this has gone on for months,” Mize said. “We’ve got the deep freezer in their in case we get the Pfizer product, we’re ready for that. The website is set up, staff is trained, we’ve been waiting a long time for this time to come.”

Friendly Pharmacy began giving out shots Monday, and appointments are booked for this week.

Appointments are available for next week. Visit Friendly Pharmacy to secure a spot.

Mize said they'll give out the vaccine for as long as people make appointments.

They’re seeing a much younger crowd come out, and even had a 19-year-old drive from Raleigh to get vaccinated. 

“The younger folks are the ones that are right now the most anxious to get it who have not been eligible in any category,” Mize said. “So yeah I would say mostly that's who's remaining and taking advantage of this opportunity.”

If going to Friendly Pharmacy is inconvenient there are other options.

Summit Pharmacy and Surgical Supply on Summit Avenue is giving out the J&J vaccine.

They’re vaccinating about 200 people a week.

To book an appointment call (336) 763-7282.

Starmount Pharmacy on West Market Street is allowing folks to make vaccine appointments by phone (844) 637-3716  and allowing some walk ins.

The J&J shot is what they have available.

Other Triad pharmacies said they're waiting to hear back from the state on when and if they'll get some of the vaccine.

Some pharmacies said they are not administering the vaccine because they did not request to become a vaccine site.  

It's best to call your local pharmacy ahead of time to make sure they have the vaccine available.