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Greensboro groups make final preparations for the Wyndham Championship

Hundreds of people are getting things ready to be able handle the influx of people coming in.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Wyndham week is here! The stage is set, the golfers are practicing, and all that is left is for the spectators to arrive.

The city of Greensboro expects about 100,000 fans over the four day tournament. 

It is also expected to add more than 300 million dollars to the city's economy. 

Whether it's the Wyndham Championship staff, or the businesses and groups around Greensboro, it takes months of planning to prepare for the influx of people coming in. 

At Sedgefield County Club, thousands of people are helping. Wyndham Championship General Chairman, Phil Cathcart, said they were able to fill the nearly 2000 volunteer positions needed for the week. 

"Between the prep and the post, and the tournament it's self, yeah quite a few," Cathcart said. 

The bleachers and suites are ready to go and volunteers were working to set out the final touches for the tournament.

"The community has really come together and the community really supports this tournament so much and so many people are willing to give up their time and energy to be at the tournament so it's been really, really successful," said Cathcart. 

The tournament staff and volunteers aren't the only ones chipping away to get things done.  

About a mile down the road from the course is where you will find the Box Seat bar and restaurant preparing for hungry crowds. 

Box Seat General Manager, Lissa Forlano, said it's she and the staffs favorite time of the year. 

"We bulked up for this because the sheer volume of people that come is such that we needed the extra faces, so we added 3 new faces to the mix through the course of the week, but most of my veterans are working a pretty long week," said Folano. "We love doing it because it's like getting to see friends on an annual basis."

Forlano said staff even took a day off to prepare for the storm of people. 

"We took actually Sunday off to give the staff a break so that way we could run into this whole week,"Forlano said. 

Forlano said that it takes months to get ready for the event, but it is worth it. She typically sees sales go up by about 30 percent.

While a worker shortage is a challenge, Forlano said that having a veteran work staff helps because they can handle more tables at once. 

She said the business didn't see as many people come in last year because of the pandemic and that she is ready to take on this year. 

This week is about more than just golf for one organization. The Greensboro Jaycee Old Timers group is all about community service, fellowship and mankind. 

Former president of Greensboro Jaycee Old Timers, Bill Staley, said they are using the game of golf to raise money for Toys for Tots.

Last year the group raised 5,000 dollars. 

"You have no idea what 5,000 dollars can do," said Staley. "It gives you a good feeling to help somebody, you know?"

The group owns a house that sits right next to hole 5. Staley said that they host sponsors and donors to come out, eat food and to watch the players on the green. 

He said people bring toys as well to fill a box and they've been setting up since Thursday. 

While it is a private event, if you want to join, Staley said there might be a way. 

"If you want to donate, I mean, depending on how much it is, you might be able to come in and have a sandwich or something," he said.

While it's a busy time for many businesses, they all agree it's all hands on deck to get it done, but it's one of the best times of the year in Greensboro. 

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