WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — We're sure you're hearing all kinds of things about this possible name change.

Some say it's definitely happening, and names are already being chosen. Others say the City of Winston-Salem is just gauging whether or not it should be changed at all.

So we went to city leaders and asked, are we changing the name of the The Dixie Classic fair or not?

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"The direction that city staff has been given is to conduct a process to come up with a new name for the Dixie Classic Fair," said Winston-Salem Assistant City Manager, Ben Rowe.

Rowe said City staff has been told to come up with a path towards a new name. This would include using social media, a survey on their website, and a phone line for feedback on new names.

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They will also have a public input meeting next month.

As far as the City is concerned, they plan on changing the name. 

It's all because concerned citizens, like Sir Walter Mack Junior spoke up at a recent City Council meeting.

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"I think that we need to be considerate to those of us who have a history and that name really offends a certain segment of our community," said Mack Jr., who spoke at the Winston-Salem City Council meeting.

Keep in mind though, those voices aren't the only ones we've heard.

Our WFMY News 2 "vote now" question on Wednesday was about this same topic. Of the responses, 94 percent of people voted to keep the name Dixie Classic Fair.