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Nearly a week after the Speedway shooting, friends want justice for 72-year-old Patricia Grant

Greensboro police said Patricia Grant was shot and killed at the Speedway gas station in the 2800 block of Battleground Avenue. She worked there.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro Police said 72-year-old Patricia Grant was shot and killed at her workplace in the 2800 block of Battleground Avenue on July 1.

Nearly a week later, the Speedway gas station is still closed and a growing memorial sits by the door.

For the first time since the deadly shooting, Rhonda Pedraza is sharing a picture of Grant, who family and friends lovingly called 'Pat.'

Pedraza said she's a close friend. 

Credit: Rhonda Pedraza

"Pat was just a wonderful person, she always had a smile on her face," Pedraza said. "She was always happy and upbeat, friendly to everyone she met."

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Pedraza said she's close with Grant's sister - Judy. She set up a GoFundMe fundraiser for Judy because of the unexpected expenses she now faces. 

"She’s devastated, she’s heartbroken, she’s angry. Judy lost her best friend."

She said Judy and Pat lived together. 

"They shared expenses," Pedraza explained. "Pat was 72, Judy is 69 or 70 so I'm trying to help."

She said Grant worked all the time, 70-80 hours a week. 

"She was an extremely hard worker."

Pedraza also put a new sign by her memorial of many flowers and candles, that reads 'Justice For Pat.' There's a sharpie there for anyone to sign. She's also making T-shirts with the same message. 

"If anyone wants one I would like to make some for a $20 dollar donation, all the money will go to the GoFundMe page. Just message me on Facebook."

Pedraza said her sister Judy isn't the only family Grant leaves behind.

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"She has two sons, and then she has three grandchildren that live here so it's very sad."

She said Grant's sister Judy wants to thank the community for the outpouring of support, including the memorial at the gas station. 

"They want the person who did this brought to justice. She is angry, very angry which I understand and she’s just heartbroken because she loved her sister a lot."

No arrests have been made, and no suspect images have been released.

 "I don't think they want to jeopardize their case," Pedraza said of the GPD investigation.

As for the suspect who killed her friend:

"Just three minutes after she opened the store, for him to come in and do this. It's an animal, like a rabid animal and there's no reason for it. She would've given him anything that he wanted, there was no reason to shoot her."

Pedraza said she used to be a convenience store clerk herself. She thinks there should be more protection. 

"I think they need to have bulletproof glass just to keep the employees safe, I mean you can still talk to customers but the risk goes down."