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Ocean Lakes Campground and Triad residents reeling from Ian's impacts

Triad residents, who own property in Myrtle Beach, are thankful to have escaped the damage Ian left behind.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Damage from hurricane Ian spread far and wide, some people in the Triad got hit twice.

The storm brought flooding and storm surge to coastal vacation homes, then brought downed trees to our area.

Heather Brooks lives in High Point. 

Brooks was at her family's Myrtle Beach home all of last week. 

Bye-bye Boat! Hundreds of bystanders applauded as the Shayna Michelle shrimp boat that washed up on shore Friday evening during Hurricane Ian was successfully towed off the beach. Although the boat is gone, expect construction equipment on the beach. During this time, heed to the barriers for your safety. Thank you to all who assisted in the removal process. Myrtle Beach Police Department Myrtle Beach City Government #MyrtleBeach #MyrtleBeachPRST

Posted by City of Myrtle Beach - Parks, Recreation & Sports Tourism on Tuesday, October 4, 2022

She said the hours leading up to Ian's landfall were eerily quiet. 

Once the storm hit, Brooks said it didn't take long for the impacts to set in. 

Ocean front hotels acted as wind tunnels as the ocean breached the dunes and flood waters started to rise. 

"We did see some shingles that blew off, but not too bad," she said. "I got back to my home in North Carolina and we had just as much damage if not more here as we did in Myrtle Beach."

Ocean Lakes Family Campground is located in Myrtle Beach, about 30 miles north of where Ian made landfall. 

Credit: Ocean Lakes Family Campground

They have spent the last several days cleaning up fallen limbs and the mountains of sand left behind from storm surge. 

Lorrie Hancock is from Whitsett and owns a home in Ocean Lakes. 

She was on vacation with her grandchildren when Ian washed ashore. 

"The water itself did not cause the damage. The ocean caused the damage, the ocean came in. People had campers out there that did not get them out in time. People had furniture flowing down and it was just different than I had ever seen it," said Hancock.

Brooks and Hancock were lucky and did not experience any damage from Ian. 

Credit: Ocean Lakes Family Campground

Meanwhile, homeowners and grounds crews at Ocean Lakes have been clearing debris and sweeping sand from roadways. 

"It's a difficult situation before and after the storm. Our team understands that guests are trying to figure out their travel plans and want to know what to do. We try to do our best to keep them informed, but it’s such a fluid situation, and many guests are not used to dealing with tropical storms and hurricane," said Ocean Lakes Marketing Director, Barb Krumm.

Credit: City of Myrtle Beach
The boat was successfully towed off the beach after it was washed up on shore during Hurricane Ian.

Ocean Lakes did not allow new camping arrivals until Saturday afternoon, as they worked to be sure the property was safe for guests. 

"There were concerns about power boxes that had been flooded, standing water, flooding, some fallen tree limbs on roads and campsites, and debris all over," said Krumm.

Krumm said they feel blessed, knowing how unpredictable these storms can be.

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