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Strange billboard pops up on Battleground Avenue

A Greensboro developer is behind a billboard that displays odd messages.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — There’s an unusual billboard on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro.

It reads, “Follow the Order,” “Where’s the Logic,” and “Your Governor is in Control.”

It turns out, Greensboro developer Marty Kotis put the billboard up.

Kotis said he based the style off Soviet propaganda, but the words are all his.

We asked why he put up the billboard.

"I hope people think about the science, and also think about the politics that are involved here. Because politics should not be involved in science and health safety decisions. It should be about how to keep people safe, which I’m 100 percent supportive of,” Kotis said.

He continued, “We want people to think. Another scary thing right now is people are afraid to have conversations or think or discuss things, and they shouldn't be."

It's important to note, state health director Dr. Mandy Cohen cites scientific studies here and abroad to back up Gov. Roy Cooper’s executive orders. Judges have ruled in favor of the governor in several lawsuits questioning the decisions.

Many of Kotis' businesses have been affected by Cooper’s orders, especially Red Cinemas, less than a mile from the billboard on Battleground Avenue. The movie theater remains closed under Phase 2.5.