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Feeding student-athletes missing momma's cooking on the holidays

B.E.M. Sports Entertainments partnered with City BBQ to feed NC A&T athletes who didn’t go home for the holidays.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Not everyone gets to be with their families for the holidays, whether that's because of the pandemic, your job, or even school. 

No one should have to be alone for the holidays and that's why one organization made it their goal to show North Carolina A&T students they have family near and far. 

Today we spoke with organizers and students missing home for the holidays. 

B.E.M. Sports Entertainment's goal is simple, they want to support HBCU sports in any way possible.

So today, the group partnered with City Barbeque to host a Thanksgiving lunch for the student-athletes that aren't able to go home for the holiday.

Holidays are usually a stressful time for student-athletes, no family, no home-cooked meals, just practice, and games, and many are hours away from home. Just like Track & Field athlete Brayden Hodgest.

"I'm like a 17-hour drive from home, so it's great to know someone cares about us."

Another Aggie athlete from ten plus hours away is Sean Kelly Darks, the Lady Aggies Point guard is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and doesn't get to go home often.

"Personally I'm not from anywhere around here, so I don't get to see my family much besides Christmas. So this is so great to get some good food for today and tomorrow."

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So B.E.M entertainment and City Barbeque decided to step in and provide meals for student-athletes who couldn't be home. 

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"It's just something that resonated in me and I was like I wish there was something I could do in this era to fix some of these problems. Everyone can't fix every problem, and if you can just help out some. That's what I wanted to do" said B.E.M. CEO Barry Marrow.

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