GREENSBORO, N.C. — Could you imagine being 12 years old and being faced with a life or death situation? Would you have made the right decision in time? 

Well, one young man from Greensboro had that exact situation and his actions may have saved his life and his neighbors'. 

It was Feb. 25, and Jamire Ricker was home alone when his family's home caught on fire. After he called 911, he went to each unit in his building to make sure all his neighbors got out safely. 

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We caught up with Jamire in the middle of a very special surprise.

The Greensboro Fire Department and The Triad Math & Science Academy, where he attends school, honored Jamire for his heroic effort. 

Fire Investigator B. Crump was one of the first on the scene that night. She said how impressed she is by Jamire. 

"We (are) here to honor Jamire, who on the 25th called in a structure fire, after he attempted to put the fire out, but couldn't find an extinguisher," Crump said. "So he did the next best thing, which was called 911."

Surrounded by his friends and loved ones, Jamire received an exceptional civilian service award from the Greensboro Fire Department, plus a free trip to Carowinds.

"I was just so surprised, and just really emotional" that's how Jamire described what it was like getting this recognition for just doing what he said he thought was the right thing to do.