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My 2 Cents: Sports depression

Eric Chilton talks about having the blues after your team has a big loss.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — So, today I am talking sports. In particular, when your favorite team losing a big game. This past week was a horrific week for me from a sports standpoint. My Tarheels got trounced by Wake Forest. My 2nd favorite NFL team The Buccaneers staged a good comeback and lost and my adopted team the Buffalo Bills, since my wife is from there, staged one of the best games I've ever seen only to lose at the end.

I was reading an article online about sports depression or game blues and the solutions are really just like what we hear for regular depression.

Stay occupied with other things, be social and get out with people to get your mind off of it and finally, find another sport to pull for.  I agree with the first two but I have to tell you that pulling for another sport is not for me. I mean even if it's tiddly winks, my guy would lose and I would suffer from tiddly wink depression and that's embarrasing. LOL

But that's just My 2 Cents.

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