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'Will You Be My Kidney Sister?' | Greensboro Teacher Battling Lupus To Get Kidney From Her Daughter's Teacher

Pam Oast will be a living kidney donor for Tracy Shearin-Drayton, the mother of one of her students.

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — A Greensboro teacher battling Lupus is getting a much-needed kidney much earlier than expected. When WFMY News 2 first spoke with Tracy Shearin-Drayton, in August she said: "It could take 5 to 8 years before I get a kidney." 

Well, the wait is over.

Pam Oast taught Shearin-Drayton's daughter Jada's kindergarten class at Hasty Elementary in Thomasville. Earlier this month, Oast decided to get tested to see if she would be a kidney donor match.

"I’ve always wanted to give always. I’ve given my whole life, and I feel like that’s what I was put here for," Oast said.

When the tests came back, Oast learned she was the perfect match.

The Fight Against Lupus: Greensboro Teacher In Desperate Search For Kidney Donor

Upon learning that, she went and tried to find Shearin-Drayton last week to tell her the good news, but Shearin-Drayton was in the hospital due to complications with a dialysis treatment.

Credit: Pam Oast
Pam Oast says she felt she was put on the earth to help Tracy Shearin-Drayton.

So Oast surprised her at the hospital and asked Shearing-Drayton to be her "kidney sister."

"I cried. I screamed. So many emotions ran through my body," Shearin-Drayton said.

Oast still has more testing to do, but once that is complete the pair will fly up to Pittsburgh, Pa to have the procedure done.

"It doesn’t scare me one bit. If I can help save her life and make her life better so she can be here for [Jada]  then I’ll do it," Oast said.