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'I came outside and found 13 bullet holes in the back of my car,' Greensboro woman's car riddled with bullets

A Greensboro woman is upset after waking up to find her car riddled with bullet holes.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Residents of a Greensboro apartment complex were left scared and confused after multiple gunshots late last night. 

Many more were upset when they received an early morning wake-up call from Greensboro Police telling them that their cars had been shot up. One of those residents is Daria Daniels. She along with many of her neighbors at Stonethrow Apartments complex also had their vehicles riddled with bullet holes. 

When I stopped by the complex, I saw at least four vehicles with bullet holes, but it was evident that even more were damaged by the broken glass that was scattered across the parking lot. 

Daniels went on to describe what she heard around 11 p.m. Tuesday night when the shots were fired. 

"I heard two sets of at least 5 shots, very loud and very clear, to the point I rolled over on the opposite side of my bed onto the floor to protect myself from the sliding glass door," Daniels said. 

According to Greensboro Police, no one was hurt during last night's shooting, but the dozens of bullet holes left behind, tell a different story. 

"Life is very fragile right now folks, not only because of what has happened to me, but because of what has happened around this whole world... pay attention to your surroundings because sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday world, then we get out the car, and harm can be waiting right out your car door."

As of right now, the Greensboro Police Department hasn't released any additional information, including any suspect details.

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