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‘If He Cared He Would Have Reported It,’: Former NC A&T Basketball Player Wants Women’s Coaches Fired

Documents obtained by WFMY News 2 accuse the coaches of failing to report a sexual assault by one of their players.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Two North Carolina A&T State University Women’s Basketball coaches are under investigation. That’s according to documents obtained by WFMY News 2, that accuse the coaches of failing to report a sexual assault by one of their players. 

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WFMY News 2's Jessica Winters uncovered the investigative documents and spoke with a student about her struggles with how the university handled her case. Morgan Batie said she didn't even tell her parents or friends, instead she trusted her two basketball coaches with that sensitive information. Batie said she didn’t receive the help she needed from them.

Batie, who is a junior at the school, said she was sexually assaulted last summer off North Carolina A&T’s campus. 

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"He came in, forced me, tried to fight me, had his pants down and everything, good thing I could defend myself," Batie stated.

After a couple of months, she told one of her coaches what happened via text in December. 

"I told {one of my coaches} about the assault and everything, and she was like, vague," Batie said. "She was like sorry that happened to you basically, she said 'you need to get help' but they didn’t really help me or offer me guidance or anything."

Batie said she got some sympathy from her coaches in the form of text messages like these that read:

'That's something {the head coach} should have known so he could help.'

'How did it happen?'

'When and where?'

'That's serious.'

“Hate it happened to you.” 

But by law, coaches are required to report that information to Title IX within 24 hours.

“I never got a call from a detective, police, anything like that,” said Batie. Instead, she reported it to Title IX herself in April. 

Credit: Morgan Batie

“If he cared, he would have reported my situation. If he cared, he would have helped me, but he didn't. So, I had to help myself,” said Batie.

Batie says she wants an apology, and the two coaches to be fired.

North Carolina A&T University issued the following statement:

"We cannot speak to individual investigations involving students, or employees, due to federal and state laws that protect their confidentiality."

Batie also claims that one of the coaches in question is verbally abusive. 

"He calls me fat, he calls me dumb, stupid, and idiot," Batie said. 

Based on the documents obtained, Title IX's office says the allegation that the head coach uses foul language to body shame is 'unsubstantiated.'

"I feel like they didn't even do a real investigation," Batie said. 

But the documents reveal their findings on the head coaches use of profanity during practices and games. Title IX did find that accusation to be true. 

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Batie says she quit the basketball team because she couldn't take it anymore. 

"This is a game, a game that I used to love. Now I don’t even want to play it anymore."

She says she hopes her basketball scholarship isn't taken away from her because of this ordeal. 

"I can't even explain, words can't explain everything I’ve been through," Batie said with tears in her eyes. "A sport should never drive you to this."

This case is similar to what another A&T student went through with her cheer coaches four months ago. 

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