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'It will get easier' | Remote summer class gives Guilford County middle-schooler hope for first 9 weeks of school year

Eastern Guilford Middle School eighth grader Laci Oliver said improvements to canvas and communication with her teacher made remote learning this summer easier.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — With the abrupt switch to online learning at the end of last school year, some parents and students are uneasy about the first 9 weeks of remote learning, set to start August 17. 

A Guilford County Middle School student said she was feeling the same way when she made the switch last year.

"It was much harder than if we were at school," Laci Oliver, an eighth-grader at Eastern Guilford Middle School said.

But Oliver has a newfound hope in remote learning, after taking her summer class with canvas and seeing success. 

"It has gotten a little bit easier and I feel like when your teachers will contact you more it helps," Oliver said.

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Communication has been key, according to Oliver. She's been in touch with her teacher for her summer class through zoom, text, and email whenever she needs help. 

Her mother Jennifer said that's helped make it a lot less frustrating. 

"Not as many tears, not as much yelling, not as much frustration because there's clear cut communication and I think that is a big part of it," Jennifer said. 

Guilford County Schools says they've made some changes to help things go more smoothly this year.

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"We increase the amount of technology we had in the district," said Guilford County Schools Superintendent Dr. Sharon Contreras. 

"One of the biggest things we heard from parents was that canvas was hard to navigate so we hope that by controlling that navigation for parents and students it helps minimize the number of concerns there," said Guilford County Schools Assistant Superintendent Jamie King.

The district said more resources and digital books will also be available for students on the program.

Laci said changes like that and her experience this summer that give her hope things will be easier on teachers and students this time around.

 "It will make it a lot easier but you have to be patient at the same time," she said.

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