FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — County after North Carolina county continue votes on whether to become a Second Amendment sanctuary. The trend, in part, is a response to recent gun restrictions passed in the state of Virginia. North Carolina counties want to reaffirm that they support their citizens' Second Amendment rights.

Forsyth County is the most recent example. On Thursday night, commissioners voted to approve a measure declaring themselves a "constitutional rights protection county....specifically the Second Amendment".

There were two options to choose from:

Option #1: The resolution declares Forsyth County a constitutional rights protection county and declares support for protection of the Second Amendment.

Option #2: The resolution declares Forsyth County supports the Bill of Rights as a whole.

Commissioners voted four-to-three in favor of the first option. They voted three-to-four against the second option.

Many attending the meeting showed strong opposition to option two. 

One of the dissenting commissioners, Tonya McDaniel, tore up her ballot after her peers approved option one.

To be clear, the words "Second Amendment sanctuary" isn't mentioned anywhere in the resolution. The county did not vote to become a "sanctuary".

However, the language in Thursday's resolution when compared to "Second Amendment sanctuary" resolutions in other counties is very similar. Forsyth County's measure specifically points out the Second Amendment and its commitment to support and protect it.

Either way, whether they are a sanctuary or not, the same rules apply to Forsyth County as the rest of the other counties across North Carolina and the United States. Political experts say local governments are bound by law to obey state laws. If North Carolina were to pass gun restriction laws, the county would have to obey. Political experts tell us the statements and resolutions passed in Forsyth County and other counties across our state do not carry any legal weight. They cannot openly defy state law.

When it comes to reaffirming commitment to the Bill of Rights, the same applies. All counties are bound by law to uphold the Bill of Rights. A measure declaring support for them is, as the measure says, a reaffirmation.

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