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'I can't afford to get sick': Cancer patient gets new home heater after turning to 2 Wants To Know

When the heater failed, Luci Vaughn wasn't worried - she had a home warranty. Unfortunately, it wasn't quick to respond and the temperature in her house was cool.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A yellow-tinted surgical mask is wrapped around the face of Lucy Vaughn as she sits on the front stoop of her Winston-Salem home. A jacket and scarf keep her warm on what is a typical cold December day, “I like sitting out here, it’s warmer out here than inside,” said Vaughn.

Vaughn is a cancer survivor and is now battling the disease again. Currently undergoing chemotherapy, it’s important she stays as healthy as she can. It’s also why Vaughn reached out to our Call for Action Team a few weeks ago.

Her home has become a bit of an icebox after the heater broke about a week before Christmas. A crew came out and fixed the compressor but a few days later the system failed again, “When I woke up this morning it was 63 degrees (in home) I can’t afford to get sick,” said Vaughn.

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A heating and air conditioning technician determined Vaughn needed the entire heater replaced. The job is not cheap, but Vaughn has a home warranty that should cover the cost. The problem, however, is getting the job approved so the heater can be replaced, “I may have to go stay in a hotel if we can’t get this resolved,” said Vaughn.

Once Vaughn called us, we contacted the home warranty company along with Aspire Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical. The owner at Aspire worked with us to help get the job approved. Once the warranty company signed off Aspire had a crew out the next day to replace the unit, “I’m calling it my Christmas miracle,” said Vaughn.

A technician spent about eight hours installing the new unit and making sure it worked perfectly. One of the owners even stopped by with the crew was working to make sure Vaughn was doing okay, “They assured me everything would be fine, and I would not pay any money,” said Vaughn.

The unit was up and running by the end of the day and Vaughn was able to stay in the home and not pay for a hotel, “All I can say is News 2 rocks,” said Vaughn. “I also want to thank the fine folks at Aspire.”

Vaughn enjoys sitting outside on her porch but prefers to go back inside to get warm, not the other way around.


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