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'Where is my license?' Triad man waits 3 months for his driver license to come in the mail

What do you do when your temporary license is expired and no license comes in the mail? The NC DMV says to go online and take a screenshot of your info.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — George Gates was prepared. Long before his license expired, he made an appointment and got it renewed. He had his temporary license at the end of March. Then he waited for the real license to show up. It didn’t’ come in April, not in May and when June first rolled around, it still wasn’t there.

“At one point the temporary licenses expired, so we weren't able to drive legally for about a month,” said Gates.

George was stuck. So he called 2Wants To Know.  This isn't the first time we've solved a problem like this. Each time, the first question the NC DMV contact asks is if the address on record is right.

“The Post Office will not forward your license or registration, it's a security thing. Then the Post Office returns it to DMV and then we have no other way to contact you,” said Steve Abbott, NC DOT communications.

If you moved after your DMV appointment or renewal, you'll need to go online to the DMV and correct it. George and his wife lived in the same place for the last 40 years. So, that wasn't the issue.

2 Wants To Know talked with NC DMV twice and finally on June 3, the license came in.

“We have our third grandchild coming in St. Louis, so now we can drive to see him or her,” said Gates.

All is well for George. But what if you get into the situation? You'll want to alert the NCDMV, the easiest way is to do a webchat. With only a temporary license that is expired, does that mean you're stuck until the license comes to you? Nope. There's a way around it.

“You can go to MyNCDMV website and you log in there and put in your license or ID number and your DMV information and your picture will pop up. It's not a license, but it's proof you have one. It has the expiration date, renewal, and all that stuff,” said Abbott.

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