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President Biden visits NC A&T in Greensboro

President Joe Biden lauded NC A&T's efforts in preparing students for jobs in STEM and the Triad's role in building a clean energy economy.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — President Joe Biden visited North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro on Thursday. 

He lauded the nation's largest historically black university on its efforts toward preparing students for jobs in STEM and clean energy. 

"You're making Greensboro a place where the future is being written," Biden said. 

That future includes companies that will bring thousands of clean energy jobs to the Greensboro area in the coming years. Boom Supersonic will make passenger jets and Toyota will manufacture batteries for electric cars. 

"Empowering more communities to do what you're doing here in Greensboro, transforming yourself into a city, city of the future, not the past. Where, instead of shuttered factories, we're building clean energy technologies going to power the future, and Americans around the world, helping America achieve true energy independence by creating good jobs and fighting for climate change. And if we continue this, we're not only going to be investing here, we're going to export billions of dollars; we're the product for the rest of the world."

Biden urged Congress to pass the 'Building a Better America' bill during his speech. The legislation is aimed at building a supply chain in the United States. 

"We still face tremendous challenges. We keep coming together. Invest in the backbone of America, the middle class, our great universities, hard work and family STEM education, clean technologies for tomorrow. There's simply no limit, I mean it, no limit, what we can achieve. Let's continue in giving working families and fighting chance. Let's keep investing in the future of this country of every community. Let's face these challenges head-on," Biden said. 

He also spoke about NC A&T's relevance to educating and preparing students for the workplace of the future.

"A&T is an extraordinary university with a great tradition. HBCU tradition with more than 80 years of excellence delivering on that sacred promise, that every American of every race, background, zip code should go as far as their God-given talents can take them," Biden said.

He also stopped by the engineering complex, to meet students and staff in the robotics and cyber security programs on the campus during his visit. 

The visit marked Biden's first to the Triad as acting president, and it came as American costs are the highest they've been in 40 years. The inflation rate jumped 8.5% in the past year, according to the U.S. Treasury Department - an issue Republicans said hasn't been addressed effectively enough by the president.

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U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) issued a statement on the president's visit to the Triad, saying in part, "Hardworking North Carolinians are sick of inflation and tired of President Biden’s excuses. They see the consequences of his failed economic agenda every time they go to the grocery store and fill up their gas tank."


- Toyota Motor Corporation's North America Group Vice President Sean Suggs will be in attendance at the president's address at A&T.

- The president's motorcade arrived at PTI Airport ahead of his landing. 

- A packed room of press and local leaders await President Biden's arrival at A&T. 

- A&T students say it's an honor for the president to highlight all that Aggies and Greensboro are doing to promote a clean energy economy. 

- Helicopters were seen flying over A&T's campus this morning as part of security sweeps. 

- A look inside the A&T Alumni Center where the president will be speaking. 

- Photojournalist Ryan Gavette is getting set up for the president's arrival at PTI Airport. 

- Photojournalist Manning Franks is stationed outside A&T's Alumni Center, where Biden will be speaking this afternoon. 2 Wants To Know's Ben Briscoe will also be there to bring you comprehensive coverage of the president's address. 

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