EDEN, N.C. — The explosion at the KFC restaurant in Eden occurred Thursday around 12:45 a.m. WFMY News 2 was flooded with calls from viewers who felt their homes shake during the explosion.

Where Did It Happen?

The explosion occurred at the restaurant on North Van Buren Road in Eden in North Carolina.

What Happened?

That’s what we’re still trying to find out at this time.  Eden Police said they got a call around 12:45 a.m. about an explosion. Debris was scattered on the road and adjacent parking lot. Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas were on scene around 3 a.m. ATF was also at the scene along with the State Fire Marshal. Officials flew a drone after daybreak to take a closer look at the debris field.

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Was It An Explosion?

Yes, the Eden Police confirmed that it was an explosion.

How Did It Happen?

We are still working to get answers about how the explosion occurred. Crews are still investigating and piecing together information. We do know the surrounding area of the road will be closed as crews continue their investigation.

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What About Other Damage?

The blast damaged several surrounding businesses, including AIA Sweepstakes, Tee To Green Golf Shop and King’s Inn Pizza Parlor. The damage for most of those businesses included busted and broken windows.

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Is There Video Of The Explosion?

Yes, WFMY News 2 obtained video of the explosion captured by Eden Drug. It shows the second the KFC Restaurant exploded.

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What Happens To KFC Workers?

We are also still working to find out what will happen to workers employed by the restaurant.