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With new corporations comes new life for downtown businesses

Greensboro businesses say they're looking forward to companies like The Fresh Market come downtown and bring them more business.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Downtown Greensboro has changed a lot in the last year.

Carroll Companies built apartments and a hotel next to the baseball stadium. Centric brands set up shop on South Elm Street. The Fresh Market announced it's corporate headquarters will move downtown.

There are dozens of places to eat and shop in downtown Greensboro, and new spots keep popping up.

Then there's the bigger, corporate companies like Wells Fargo, Lincoln Financial and Kontoor Brands. 

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With more names joining that list, all downtown businesses stand to grow even more.

"When I first started here we were a little bit busier than we were now," said Russell DeSantis, a Manager at Natty Greene's.

Over the years, friendly competition has greeted Natty Greene's on Elm Street in downtown Greensboro. 

"You have so many places opening, breweries, restaurants in downtown Greensboro and we've seen a bit of decline just because there's so many choices that people have," said DeSantis.

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So he welcomes the foot traffic new corporate companies like the Fresh Market will bring. 

Earlier this week, we found out the company will be moving downtown, bringing 250 jobs with it. 

Another restaurant, Undercurrent, is also excited to see new faces downtown.

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"For a long time, we were off the beaten path," said Undercurrent Owner Wes Wheeler, "We've been very grateful in the last couple of years for Hyatt Place, all these apartments, it's just been wonderful for our business."

Wheeler is looking forward to more customers to support the business. 

"Our mission never changes. We welcome more people in to the neighborhood," he said. 

Fresh Market will be the newest large company to move downtown. Right now, it's negotiating to move into the Wells Fargo building. 

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