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'The Village Mentorship Inc' hosts 4th annual HBCU Day in Greensboro

The Village Mentorship Inc. will host their 4th annual HBCU Day to connect kids to the college experience

GREENSBORO, N.C. — 'The Village Mentorship Inc' has one goal and that is to create a solid foundation of stability and emotional support for young men in our community. 

This weekend 'The Village' has something special planned for all the kids of the Triad. 

This Saturday 'The Village Mentorship Inc' will host their 4th annual HBCU Day in partnership with Hope Academy.

The purpose of this event and others like it is to introduce as many Triad kids and teens to college as possible, and show them that you can achieve anything, no matter where you come from.

We talked to organizers today about this weekend's event. 

Trevor Rudd is one of the founders of 'The Village mentorship Inc'

Rudd says, he and his team formed this group to provided a shoulder to lean on for those that need it most.

"The goal of the village since 2016 is to make sure we provide a different level of intimate support and emotional stability for young men, especially black young men who may not have a male figure in their life."

Myles Miller was once a mentee in this program, now he's a mentor, giving back what was given to him.

"I've actually been apart of the village for four years, and it's been a good experience. We've developed a family, but also seeing the impact that I have on the community as well as the mentees that you come up with."

Saturday The Village will host their annual HBCU Day at the Hope Academy campus here in Greensboro. This event will be from 12pm to 4pm at 1403 West Florida St.