GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro Police have released a surveillance photo of the car the man may have been driving when officers say he shot and killed a mom after a minor traffic accident. 

Carolyn Tiger was shot while two children, one of which was hers, sat in the back. They were not injured, according to police. Tiger crashed into a fence on Concord St., after she was shot. She was taken to Moses Cone Hospital where she later died.

The incident happened around 4:35 the intersection of Patton Avenue and South Elm-Eugene Street.

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Investigators say the shooting allegedly stemmed from a minor fender bender with a man who was driving a light blue Hyundai-type car. (See PHOTO) 

Photo of suspect's car in Greensboro mom Carolyn Tiger's death
Photo of suspect's car in Greensboro mom Carolyn Tiger's death
Greensboro Police Dept.

Investigators say the shooting was a random act of violence that started with road rage.

Eyewitnesses who called 911 reported that he cut in front of her and then went to his trunk to retrieve a rifle and opened fire on her.

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Family members who spoke to WFMY News 2 have also pleaded for the man to turn himself in. 

"Just have some conscience, some courage. If you are a man, you know you did wrong and I know it's weighing down in the heart, just come forward," said Kenny Christopher, the victim's husband.

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Police are still looking for the driver of the light blue Hyundai-type car. 

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Please check back for updates.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000.

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