GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's been nearly a month since 3-year-old Ahlora Lindiment was abducted by a stranger while playing at a park. 

Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott affectionately named her 'Greensboro's Little Girl.'

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She was found by a church, by herself after a 30 hour search. 

"Honestly, anything past 24 hours we have to look statistically, the odds start turning against us but we were still in rescue mode as a department as a city to bring Greensboro’s little girl home," Chief Scott said.

'What happened in the near-30 hours Ahlora Lindiment was kidnapped,' WFMY News 2's Jess Winters asked. 

'What did accused abductor N'denezsia Lancaster do with, or to Ahlora?'

"Some of that is still under investigation and I can't talk about the specifics but we are piecing it all together," Chief Scott stated.

'But was she hungry, was she watching TV? You know there are so many things that could have happened, is N’doneszia Lancaster a sexual predator?

"Right, and again all those details are something we’re still investigating," Scott said. "But I do know for a fact the folks who located her took her inside the church and had some crackers and juice and she happily took some of those in and seemed to be doing just fine which is great."

'When I originally spoke to Ahlora's family, they were upset it took some time to release that surveillance image of the suspect, was their an investigative reason to withhold that image?'

"We did have surveillance video of them being in the park, we did not have video that tied it all together as neatly as we needed to," Scott explained. "The last thing we want to do is create something that causes someone to run out of the area because the further away from the search area, our odds go down."

'Ahlora was found in Greensboro, but she could have been half way around the world. At any point were you thinking she wasn't in Greensboro, or looking for a body?'

"We never changed from anything other than trying to find little girl, we continued our efforts believing she was alive and well and that we needed to locate her," Scott said in response. 

You said from the very beginning that this was Greensboro's little girl, her abduction affected you personally because you have girls?

"Absolutely, I have daughters and this was Greensboro’s little girl, everyone I ran into over that 30 hour period identified with it in some way or another," Scott continued. "It’s a helpless child and you know we brought her home and that was the greatest outcome to a very long and hard day."

'In one of the original press conferences, you stated you didn't believe Lancaster was a 'serial kidnapper.' Has your professional opinion on that changed since we found out she tried to abduct a two-year-old that same day she allegedly snatched Ahlora?'

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"I think her goal, as our investigation revealed, was that she was looking for a child on that day," Scott said. "Not someone who is going to be looking for multiple children over multiple times."

Lancaster's next court date is November 14th.

"I think my perspective at that time {of the original press conference} was that I didn’t think the community needed to be worried that this was going to happen over and over again, and of course now we have her in custody and we know that’s not the case."

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