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'The crime is senseless. The hurt is senseless' | Community demands a stop to violence

After a 44th person was murdered in Greensboro this year, the community came together to demand action.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The community is standing up, demanding action against violence. 

After Greensboro saw another homicide Wednesday afternoon, mothers, brothers, daughters and community members gathered together to speak out.

"Far too often you got a teenager who gets killed. A person doesn't even know what life is about and they're dying," said Arthur Durham, "I mean what is that about. 2019 in America." 

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The most recent victim of gun violence - an 18-year-old man. 

Tymier Starks was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon, marking Greensboro's 44th homicide of the year.

"The killings and the violence - 44 homicides is not okay. It's not okay at all," said Ingram Bell.

"Every day I wake up and read the newspaper I'm like 'Wow, another homicide,' and it's 44 and we still got a few days left in this year," said Durham. 

Mayor Nancy Vaughan also spoke at the meeting... and says the violence needs to stop. 

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"I know that it is hard for lots of you to sleep at night and it is hard for us to sleep at night. Forty-four homicides in one year. That is awful," said Mayor Vaughan.

Back in October, Greensboro city council approved $500,000 for the Cure Violence program to help fight the problem. 

Durham is here helping to start up the program, which treats violent crime like a health issue.

"As a cure violence professional, I know the difference a program like Cure Violence can make," he said, "This is my third area where we've implemented the cure violence program."

Mothers are hopeful and will remain standing strong. 

"I don't know the answer - not the complete answer," said Bell, "What I do know is until we find the answer I'm here to work."


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