HIGH POINT, N.C. — Video from a viewer taken inside T.W. Andrews High School in High Point shows a thin stream of water leaking right next to electrical wires. 

Dottie Erickson volunteers at the school.

She understands every school has its fair share of issues, but for her, this draws the line. 

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"I'm shocked that the kids haven't been electrocuted," she said. 

Erickson says the issue started on January 9. 

She says an emergency work order was filled out when it happened.

"They're giving a lot of lip service they're telling us how much they care for the children and the children come first and that's not what I see happening," she said.

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We reached out to Guilford County Schools with this video. The district got says they put a bandaid on the leak Wednesday. 

Well, that leak came back. The district says the plan was going to be to replace ten feet of pipe on Tuesday, but instead of waiting, the assistant principal says they're fixing it today. 

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"Those kids really need to see that the school is taken care of and when they go to school they shouldn't have to worry that they're cold or they're hot," said Erickson, "The kids need to come first and they need to come first in more than just words. We need to show it in our deeds."

Under the proposed facilities master plan for Guilford County Schools, Andrews High gets a full renovation worth $33 million. 

That plan could still change going forward. 

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